About Joint Seminar


Joint Seminar of Postgraduate Student 2015 is continued of the same seminar which be held on 4 April 2014 at Universiti Sains Malaysia. At that time there participating universities: USM-Malaysia, Prince of Songkla University-Thailand and the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Andalas University-Indonesia.

The purpose of the Joint Seminar are :
1. To disseminate information relating to research conducted by graduate students in the field of Food Science, Agro-Industy and Food Processing at each university participants.
2. Estabilish cooperation among the participating countries related to student / staff mobility, joint research, joint publications and other joint activities.
At the seminar this year, Andalas University appointed to be a host of this seminar in which paticipants is expanded by inviting Universiti Sains Isalam Malaysia and Nong Lam University of Ho Chi Minh City-Vietnam.


Patron :
Prof. Dr. Syarifuddin Karimi-Director of Postgraduates Faculty-Andalas University

Steering Committee :
Prof. Dr. Fauzan Azima, Andalas University-INDONESIA
Dr. Novizar Nazir, Andalas University-INDONESIA
Assoc. Prof. Nurul Huda, Ph.D, Universiti Sains Malaysia-MALAYSIA
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mutita Meeenune, Ph.D, Prince Songkla University-THAILAND
Dr. Nur Huda Faujan, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia-MALAYSIA
Dr. Nguyen Huy Bich, Nong Lam University Technology Ho Chi Minh City-VIENTAM
Prof.Dr.Kesuma Sayuti, Andalas University-INDONESIA
Dr. Novelina, Andalas University-INDONESIA
Dr. Rina Yenrina, Andalas University-INDONESIA

Chair Person :
Dr. Novizar Nazir, Andalas University-INDONESIA

Secretary :
Aisman Rasijinin, MSc

For futher information, please contact :
Dr. Novizar Nazir. E-mail : novizar.nazir@gmail.com
Prof. Dr. Fauzan Azima. E-mail : fauzandes@yahoo.com

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